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Filled with 100% recycled down

LoopLuxe Down Comforter

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Designed for a perfect deep sleep, the LoopLuxe comforters equally prioritize comfort and sustainability. Filled with GRS certified recycled white down, they ensure natural premium temperature regulation and insulation.


Content: GRS certified recycled white down (75% down cluster + 25% down fiberÔľČ

Fill power: 700

Shell: Soft, durable premium organic cotton prevents down leakage.

Eco-friendly with FSC¬ģ certified recycled cardboard, PLA corn bag, and reusable tote bag - less carbon footprint.

Sfresh‚ĄĘ Down Process: Cutting-edge technology provides a hypoallergenic healthier, toxin-free sleep environment.

Baffle Box Construction: This design ensures the down is evenly distributed and eliminates any potential cold spots, providing a night of uninterrupted sleep.

8 Corner loops: Easy attach to duvet cover's ties to secure both in place.

Machine washable: Simply follow the provided care instructions, making maintenance hassle-free.

Certifications: GRS, OEKO-TEX¬ģ.¬†

Circularity: This item qualifies for our Reborn Program. This ensures your old Rewardown items are recycled and reprocessed, breathing new, eco-friendly life into pre-loved products.


W x L(inch)
Fill Weight
Standard King 90''x106'' 44oz
Standard Queen 90''x90'' 37oz
Standard Twin 68''x90'' 28oz
Extra King 90''x106'' 60oz
Extra Queen 90''x90'' 50oz
Extra Twin 68''x90'' 40oz

Care instructions

  • Machine wash
  • Dry with a large drying machine.
  • Store in a dry, ventilated place in a clean bag.
  • Optional dry cleaning for freshness.

Shipping & Returns

Add notes teEnjoy free shipping on all orders, with delivery within 3-5 business days. If unsatisfied, you can return undamaged items within 50 days for a refund to the original payment method. Contact us at to request a return.

Click here to view our complete shipping policy.  

Click here to view our complete return policy.xt


  • Eco-Comfort

    Designed with your comfort and good conscious in mind, the natural ability of the recycled down feathers conforms to your body shape, providing optimal support, making you feel like they were made just for you.

  • Optimal Support

    Our Recycled down adapts to your temperature needs by trapping body heat when you're cold and allowing excess heat and moisture to escape if you're too warm. It keeps you cozy without weighing you down or restricting movement.

  • Baffle Box Engineering

    Baffle boxes are individual compartments created by sewing fabric walls between the top and bottom layers of the comforter. They ensure everything is evenly spread, so there will be no cold areas within the comforter, eliminating the possibility of discomfort or interrupted sleep.

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What Fill Amount is Right for You?

Fill Amount
Ideal for XS
Suitable Temperature XS
Fill Weight XS
Suitable Temperature60-75 ‚ĄČ/15-24‚ĄÉ BELOW 59 ‚ĄČ/15‚ĄÉ
Fill WeightTWIN: 28 OZ; QUEEN: 37 OZ; KING: 44 OZ TWIN: 40 OZ; QUEEN: 50 OZ; KING: 60 OZ


How It Works

  • 1. Collect your used items

    Select items you'd like to recycle. Ensure they feature the Downplus QR Code.

  • 2. Return the items

    Email us at for your return shipping label.

  • 3. Get rewarded

    Once your shipment has been dropped off, you will receive a gift code for your next purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is recycled down as good as virgin down?

Absolutely. Recycled down matches, if not exceeds, the warmth, quality, and comfort of virgin down. It's not only a luxurious option but also a greener one.

Can I wash my comforter?

Of course! Simply place your comforter in a large washing machine and select the gentle cycle with a neutral detergent. For drying, either sun-dry or use a dryer with a few tennis balls to restore its full fluffiness.

What's the recycling process?

Step 1: Select items you'd like to recycle. Ensure they feature the Downplus QR Code.

Step 2: Email us at for your free return shipping label.

Step 3: Once your shipment has been dropped off, you will receive a $10 gift code for your next purchase.