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DownPlus Tracking System

DownPlus Tracking System

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Introduction of DownPlus

Advantages of DownPlus

  • Easy Tracking

    Easy Tracking

    Customers can learn about the characteristics and origin of the down filling by scanning their unique QR code on each product.

  • Recyclable


    Every DownPlus product is recyclable after use, ensuring the quality and circularity of our business.

  • Efficient Sorting

    Efficient Sorting

    With DownPlus, we can classify down before processing, distinguishing between goose down, duck down, gray down, and white down.


How DownPlus Helps Brands Achieve Circularity

DownPlus supplies brands with quality-tested down materials and DownPlus labels equipped with QR codes. This allows consumers to trace the down information after purchase and us easy access to detailed down filling information during the down recycling process.

Customers can return their down products, including items like down jackets, comforters, and blankets, with the DownPlus label to the brand when they no longer need them.

Brands submit collected used down items to Rewardown for recycling and refinement, ensuring the recycled down is of high quality.

We process recycled down in our Reborn Workshop powered by green energy, adhering to GRS standards, to produce high-quality recycled down materials and recycled down products.

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