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Couette durable EcoLuxe

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Cette couette est naturellement antibactérienne et anti-acariens, silencieuse et douce, évacuant l'humidité, douce pour la peau et respirante. Cette couette est conçue pour améliorer la qualité du sommeil, en particulier pour les dormeurs légers et tous les types de dormeurs. Notre couette coexiste en apparence et en performance et peut être utilisée seule ou comme insert pour correspondre à différents styles de housses avec des boucles d'ancrage à chaque coin afin qu'elle ne bouge pas.

  • Easy Care

    Stands up to play time, craft

    hour, and “Mom, I want to help”.

  • 4-Way Stretch

    Send them to recess

    without worry.

  • 1,000+ 5 Star Reviews

    Trusted by parents all

    over the country.

Care Instructions

  • Gentle wash with neutral detergent.
  • Dry with a large drying machine.
  • Store in a dry, ventilated place in a clean bag.
  • Optional dry cleaning for freshness.
  • Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns

Enjoy free shipping on all orders, with delivery within 3-5 business days. If unsatisfied, you can return undamaged items within 100 days for a refund to the original payment method. Contact us at to request a return.

Click here to view our complete shipping policy. 

Click here to view our complete return policy.

  • Soft, Lightweight & Extremely Plush

  • Hypoallergenic & Anti-Bacterial

  • Planet-Friendly Recycled Down & Kapok Filling

6 Reasons You’ll Love Our Comforter

  • Recycled Down Is as Good as Virgin Down

    Using certified recycled down from our Downplus system, we deliver a sleep experience that’s just as soft and luxurious as virgin down – but much more planet-friendly.

  • So, So Comfortable

    Like sleeping on a soft, plushy marshmallow, our comforters are like a peaceful haven, where you can escape your worries and enjoy a genuine rest, free from any crinkly noises.

  • Practical & Convenient

    Enjoy a steady, undisturbed sleep with our non-shifting baffle box design and loops that allow you to easily attach and secure a duvet cover. Plus, the included zippered cotton tote bag allows for easy storage and transport.

  • Lightweight - But Durable

    Our comforter is light and fluffy, like hugging a cloud! But don’t let its feather-like delicacy fool you. It’s crafted from durable materials that last sleep after sleep

  • Purr-fect for Pet Owners!

    Soft fibers naturally repel pet hair, keeping your bed clean and hygienic. Even better, our comforter’s plush and cozy feel creates an inviting space for you and your beloved pets to snuggle up!

  • Keeps You Warm All Year Round

    Choose from two fill amounts – standard and extra. Standard is perfect for temperatures between 60-75 ℉ and will see you through most seasons. Extra excels at temperatures below 59 ℉, offering exceptional warmth during cold spells.

Restful Nights, Refreshed Awakenings

The extraordinary combination of recycled down and Kapok provides a truly indulgent experience that leaves you feeling rested and refreshed.

  • Durable & Long-lasting

    Recycled down and Kapok are both known for their durability. The down maintains loft and insulation even after multiple uses and washes. Kapok fibers are resilient and resistant to clumping and flattening, ensuring longevity.

  • Ultra-Soft Comfort

    The combination of down and Kapok provides the perfect balance between plushness and support. It is like sleeping on a cloud!

  • Healthy Sleep Oasis

    Our comforters are naturally antibacterial and mite-free, thanks to the use of kapok fibers in our filling. This means you can enjoy a cleaner, worry-free healthier sleeping environment.

What Makes Our Comforter So Sustainable?

We fine-tune all our processes to ensure they’re clean, green, and environmentally sound.

  • Eco-friendly Materials

    We make our filling and fabric from certified ecologically sustainable materials. The comforter is filled with recycled down and kapok, guaranteeing a minimal environmental footprint. 

  • Responsible Manufacturing

    Our Reborn Workshop prioritizes using sustainable resources such as recycled water and solar energy. Our suppliers are carefully vetted for eco-friendly practices. 

  • Green Packaging & Shipping

    All our packaging is FSC® certified and delivered via carbon-neutral shipping. Your comforter will arrive with a reusable cotton tote bag-Completely free of plastic waste.

Our Innovative Filling

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets the Sustainable Comforter apart?

Our Sustainable Comforter is uniquely crafted with a blend of 70% recycled down and 30% Kapok, creating an environmentally friendly yet luxuriously soft sleeping experience. Recycled down has just 1% of the environmental impact of chemical fiber and 20% of virgin down, making it a sustainable choice. Kapok, a chemical and pesticide-free fiber, is one of the most sustainable options out there. 

Additionally, we utilize recycled fabric, water, and packaging to reduce resource waste and environmental impact. The comforter's design minimizes the common crinkly sounds associated with movement during sleep, promoting a serene and undisturbed rest.

What materials are used in the comforter?

Our Sustainable Comforter is made with a mix of recycled down and kapok, helping to minimize energy and resource consumption. The outer layer is crafted from 350TC fabric, comprising 88% recycled polyester and 12% recycled polyamide. This fabric is not only eco-friendly, but it's also durable and plush to the touch. By choosing our comforters, you opt for a sustainable, comfortable, and environmentally conscious sleeping experience.

Do I need a cover for my comforter?

While a cover isn't a must for your comforter, it can offer several benefits. A cover can shield your comforter from spills, stains, and potential damage, extending its lifespan by keeping it clean and reducing wear and tear. Additionally, a cover can add an extra layer of warmth and coziness to your bedding. In summary, while not essential, a cover can be a valuable addition to your bedding collection.

Is the comforter easy to clean?

Absolutely! Our Sustainable Comforters are designed to naturally resist bacteria and mites, enhancing cleanliness and durability. Just apply mild soap with cold water for minor stains, then gently scrub and pat dry with a cloth. It's as simple as that!

Does the comforter come with a warranty?

Yes, it does! In addition to our 100-night free trial, we offer a one-year warranty on our Sustainable Comforter. You can sleep soundly, knowing your purchase is secure.

Can I return the Sustainable Comforter if I'm not satisfied?

Definitely! If you're not completely satisfied, we'll cover the shipping costs both ways, allowing you to rest in comfort and peace of mind.

For any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach us at We're here to ensure your happiness and satisfaction.

Is it non-toxic?

Absolutely! Our comforters are crafted with eco-friendly and hypoallergenic materials, ensuring a safe and healthy sleep environment. They comply with the stringent standards of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® for your peace of mind.

Can it be used with a duvet cover?

Yes! Our comforters are incredibly versatile. You can enjoy yours as is or pair it with a duvet cover. It has loops that easily and securely attach to the duvet cover, providing a snug fit without any bothersome noise or friction.