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Copy of Conifer Sheet Set 2

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Conifer sheet set is made from 68% Richcel¬ģ¬†and 32% Sorona¬ģ. Both¬†are¬†environmentally friendly and biodegradable.¬†Our sheet set allows everyone to become a ‚Äúnatural sleeper‚ÄĚ by enjoying a healthy and quiet sleep. It also has 100% healthy, skin-friendly properties, making it an ideal soul mate for ‚Äúnaked sleepers‚ÄĚ.¬† It is soft and smooth, breathable, and durable.

  • Indulge in Plant Cashmere
  • Sleep in Ultimate Comfort
  • Absolutely safe and non-toxic
  • Fresh, clean and eco-friendly
  • 68% Richcel¬ģ imported from Japan
  • 32% Sorona¬ģ from DuPont in the US

Enjoy an authentic, natural sleep all year round. Our Conifer sheet set is eco-friendly, 100% skin-friendly and anti-bacterial. Sleep in pure peace, lose yourself in the buttery texture of its breathable fibre and don’t worry about waking up in a sweat.

  • Hypoallergenic and Allergy-Free

  • Luxurious Fabric and Design

  • Durability and Longevity

Care Guide

  • Gentle Washing:¬†Use a large washing machine in gentle mode with neutral detergent.
  • Careful Drying:¬†Hang in a cool, dry place and shake regularly to keep it fluffy.
  • Warm Storage:¬†Store in a dry, ventilated place in a clean bag.
  • Regular Dry Cleaning:¬†Periodically dry clean for freshness.
  • Handle with Care:¬†Treat with gentleness to preserve its premium quality.
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Recycled Down Is the Future!

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Eco Elegance Without Compromising Comfort.

Experience luxury in harmony with your eco-values. Our recycled down reduces environmental impact, minimizes waste, and offers a cozy touch with a lighter footprint.

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Top-Tier Performance-Optimal Warmth & Breathability

Embrace the unmatched excellence of our recycled down. Relish restful, breathable nights that effortlessly compete with the best virgin down available. Sleep deeply, wake refreshed.

Is Recycledown good as Virgindown?

Absolutely. Recycled down matches, if not exceeds, the warmth, quality, and comfort of virgin down. It's not only a luxurious option but also a greener one.

Can I wash my comforter?

Of course! Simply place your comforter in a large washing machine and select the gentle cycle with a neutral detergent. For drying, either sun-dry or use a dryer with a few tennis balls to restore its full fluffiness.

What's the recycling process?

Step 1: Select items you'd like to recycle. Ensure they feature the Downplus QR Code.

Step 2: Email us at info@rewardown.com for your free return shipping label.

Step 3: Once your shipment has been dropped off, you will receive a $10 gift code for your next purchase.