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Recycled down

Recycled Down for Sustainable Steps

Recycled down

Recycled Down for Sustainable Steps

DownPlus Tracking System Makes Us Unique


Key of Transparency

What sets us apart is our revolutionary Downplus tracking system. We believe that transparency is key, especially when it comes to the materials we use. With Downplus, customers can trace the origin of the down in their comforter, ensuring that it comes from ethical and responsible sources.


Simple and Secure

Our down tracking system works by assigning a unique code to each down product, which can be scanned using a smartphone or entered on our website. This code provides detailed information about the origin of the down, including the source, the collection process, and the recycling methods used. Therefore, during the down recycling and classification process, we can swiftly and accurately trace the origin and categorize the down.


Peace of Mind

With Downplus, you can have full confidence in the origin and journey of our down fillings.

From Trash to Treasure


Our Recycling Process

We recycle down products bearing the Downplus certification label, such as bedding and down jackets.

Tracking down information and categorizing the reclaimed down products through scanning the DownPlus labels.

By a combination of manual and mechanical processes, down and feathers are separated from the shells.

By undergoing ten processing steps including feather sorting, water washing, dust removal, drying, and iron removal, down and feathers are transformed into recycled down that is clean and rejuvenated.

Our in-house lab checks down quality at each production step, following all GRS and IDFL standards.

Produce brand new products filled with recycled down, such as down comforters, down jackets, blankets, pillows, and more.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Our recycled down is meticulously cleaned, sorted, and treated to meet the highest industry standards. Whether you are in the outdoor apparel, bedding, or home furnishing industry, our down fillings will provide exceptional warmth, comfort, and durability.

Recycled Down Properties

  • Sustainable

    100% sourced from post-consumer products, naturally organic and biodegradable‚ÄĒyour conscious choice.

  • High Fill Power

    Achieving 500 to 750+ fill power, the higher the fill power, the better the insulation performance.

  • Hypoallergenic

    Tested turbidity values over 800+ mm, surpassing global inspection standards, signifying top-quality down.

  • Easy Care

    Products filled with recycled down are easily washable and suitable for dry cleaning.

  • Thermal Insulation

    Recycled down matches the insulation of virgin down, making it an ideal insulating material.

  • Lightweight and Breathable

    Down‚Äės natural spherical structure offers comfort and temperature regulationÔľĆdelivering an unmatched comfort experience in products.

Recycled down has become a popular alternative to virgin down due to its numerous advantages. Compared to virgin down, recycled down offers several compelling benefits that make it a more sustainable and eco-friendly choice.


Why Recycled Down Outshines Virgin DownÔľü

One of the key advantages of recycled down is its reduced environmental impact. Virgin down is typically obtained from animal feathers, which can have a negative impact on animal welfare and the ecosystem. By using recycled down, the demand for new feathers is significantly reduced, leading to less harm to animals and less strain on the environment.

Recycled down is derived from existing and used products, such as discarded bedding, pillows, and outerwear. By repurposing this waste material, the demand for virgin down is decreased and waste is diverted from landfills. This circular economy approach reduces the need for virgin resources and contributes to a more sustainable future.

The process of recycling down requires less energy and resources compared to producing virgin down. By reusing existing materials, the demand for new raw materials is reduced, leading to lower energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This reduction in environmental impact extends throughout the manufacturing process, making recycled down a more energy-efficient option.

Contrary to popular belief, recycled down performs comparable to virgin down in terms of warmth, insulation, and comfort. Advances in technology and processing techniques have made it possible to extract high-quality down from recycled sources that meets industry standards. Recycled down products provide the same level of insulation and softness as virgin down, making them a viable choice for consumers seeking sustainable options.

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