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Kapokiss Sheet Set

$224.25 USD
$224.25 USD
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Kapokiss¬†sheet set is made from 68% Richcel¬ģ¬†and 32% Sorona¬ģ. Both¬†are¬†environmentally friendly and biodegradable.¬†Our sheet set allows everyone to become a ‚Äúnatural sleeper‚ÄĚ by enjoying a healthy and quiet sleep. It also has 100% healthy, skin-friendly properties, making it an ideal soul mate for ‚Äúnaked sleepers‚ÄĚ.¬† It is soft and smooth, breathable, and durable.

  • Indulge in Plant Cashmere
  • Sleep in Ultimate Comfort
  • Absolutely safe and non-toxic
  • Fresh, clean and eco-friendly
  • 68% Richcel¬ģ imported from Japan
  • 32% Sorona¬ģ from DuPont in the US

Enjoy an authentic, natural sleep all year round. Our Conifer sheet set is eco-friendly, 100% skin-friendly and anti-bacterial. Sleep in pure peace, lose yourself in the buttery texture of its breathable fibre and don’t worry about waking up in a sweat.

  • Hypoallergenic and Allergy-Free

  • Luxurious Fabric and Design

  • Durability and Longevity

Care Guide

  • Gentle Washing:¬†Use a large washing machine in gentle mode with neutral detergent.
  • Careful Drying:¬†Hang in a cool, dry place and shake regularly to keep it fluffy.
  • Warm Storage:¬†Store in a dry, ventilated place in a clean bag.
  • Regular Dry Cleaning:¬†Periodically dry clean for freshness.
  • Handle with Care:¬†Treat with gentleness to preserve its premium quality.
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